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BioRobots has developed a series of base robotic models that we can rapidly customize and fabricate to directly target a client's unique needs.  During the course of our robotics research, we have created and implemented a range of techniques marrying instant tailoring of robot morphology (size, power, control, etc.) and expedited manufacture for short turnaround times for customer delivery.  The so called Robot Revolution has yet to occur; we believe that part of the reason for this is that models of mass production do not recognize the fluctuating and adaptive nature of each potential application.  Until research in adaptive behavior progresses, we believe that focus on inexpensive fabrication of robotic systems tailored to a client's needs is a viable and cost-effective option.  Many applications (e.g. medical robots for specific patients or specific conditions, robots to move over specific terrain or into specific areas), are very well served by this model.

For nearly a decade, we have been developing customized robotic devices based on techniques of manufacture capturing salient mechanical and control features of natural morphology.  Our team has created robots using four different modes of locomotion, four types of actuators, and two levels of biological inspiration.  We have constructed six robots that implement multi-segmented legs, a robot exoskeleton system for assist, one underwater snake-like robot, two monopods that hop, the first micro-robot capable of both flying and crawling, and ten robots that utilize our patented wheel+leg running gear.  This work includes robots ranging in size from 40"/30 lbs to 3"/0.3 lbs.

Our systems have been fabricated as platforms for advanced research and/or clinical studies, field testing for integration of next generation and legacy networking systems, remote inspection platforms, human augmentation, and remote manipulation systems.  Our clients include a range of universities, government laboratories, and small to large scale enterprises.  Customized platforms developed by our team include:

Rugged Exploration/Security:
Whegs™ robots

Human Augmentation:
Customized hand-assist exoskeleton

Micro-robot Surveillance:
Mini-Whegs™ robots

Multi-modal Mobility:
Morphing Micro Air-Land Vehicle


We offer 'made to order' versions of these and many other robotic systems tailored to the specific performance requirements (endurance, speed, mobility, power, patient specifications, etc.) of a wide range of clients. The nature of our parametric design and experience in rapid fabrication allows us to minimize time in design and construction, enabling rapid turnaround and attractive prices.
Please contact us to find out more about what we can do to help with the unique challenges faced by your organization.

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